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How and Why
Gail Nagasako (Maui)

Hawai'i Homeschool Association, HHA, is an inclusive support group of homeschooling families for Oahu (for Maui see "Resources"). We are a diverse group of families with different backgrounds and many different approaches to homeschooling.

The Hawai’i Homeschool Association is organized to enable its members to share homeschooling ideas and experiences and to disseminate information relevant to homeschoolers on Oahu. HHA itself does not organize or sponsor any classes, events, field trips, etc., but HHA members are encouraged to organize such activities and share them with other members of the group through the HHA website and bulletin board in order to provide educational opportunities for our children and opportunities for members to share their homeschooling experiences, participate in group activities, and socialize with one another.

All homeschoolers and prospective homeschoolers are welcome
at our Park Days

Central Oahu
On Second and Fourth Wednesday
of every month
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Central Oahu Regional Park (CORP) (Map)
Directions: First playground on Diamond Head side and across from Jack-in-the-box.

Hawai'i Homeschool Association