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Homeschool and Alternative Education Resources
Basic Information Page
Intro Letter giving local contact people 0
Answers to Common Question 1
Resources (curricula, books, magazines, tutors) 4
61 Reasons Why We Homeschool 7
Hawaii Homeschool Regulations 9
Article Explaining Homeschool Laws 11
Some Famous Homeschoolers 20
Articles and Quotations  
Maui News articles on Socialization 1 21
Maui News articles on Socialization 2
Our Bodyboarding and Rollerblading Curriculum 26
Revelations of a Homeschooling Mom 29
Fishing 36
Favorite Quotes 38
A Favorite Quote that Sums it Up 43
Alternative Education Groups  
Maui Sudbury Learning Center 52
Hui Malama Learning Center 56